30 March 2016

Alice Is Living in My Mailbox (III)

And still more Alices form John (the UK)!

Envelope made of a page or a magazine (or is it wrapping paper?). At first sight, it seemed that the sender had written on the envelope, but it is the design itself. The back:

Two postcards of Alice (among others) inside:

Lewis Carroll's original hand-stitched postage stamp case,
now held in the Macmillan archive.

Endpaper from the first Macmillan Children's edition of
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in 1927
(John asked me if I can name all the characters on the postcard. Could you?)

By the way, the envelope arrived inside a plastic bag, with the apologies of Royal Mail. I think everything was ok, but they put the back because the stamp sheet was a bit unstuck.


  1. I think you are right - you already have an Alice mail call going even though you yourself didn't call for it.

    I just finished reading 'Alice' by Christina Henry. A dark fantasy version of what happens to Alice and other characters afterwards. Has a great (creepy) cover.

    1. I looked for that cover on Google. It is a bit scary, isn't it?

  2. N'hi ha per caure de cul!


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