05 April 2016

Reading Animals & Robots

I keep receiving Reading Animals, like this postcard from Bryon (the USA). I wonder what kind of catalog is the frog reading.

Ruth Caroline Eger from Rimskittle's Book, 1926

Ant the rabbits on this stamps from the UK, what are they reading?

But not just animals like reading. Look at the collage sent by Eutrapèlia (the USA). It seems that robots enjoy comics a lot...


  1. Nice to see robots read, too :-)

    And how coincidental: I found a reading animal card, which I wrote yesterday evening and put into the mail to send to you this morning!

  2. I bet the frog is reading a catalog of species, but maybe I'm mistaken by its expression and it's actually a fashion catalog, one about scarfs (or hats). I would be reading a catalogue about incunabula.

    1. If you were a frog, do you mean? ;-)

    2. hahah If I were a frog, I would still do it. :D


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