13 April 2016

What or Whom Is She Staring At?

Heleen (the Netherlands) drew this postcard inspired by a visit to the Rijksmuseum. She made some copies and sent them to several mail artists, as an add & return, because she was curious to know what other people would think she is thinking of.

This was my version:

Is that a bird? How strange! Oh, I need my glasses.

You can see HERE what other people have created.


  1. Thank you for posting, Eva! And thank you veey much for your contribution! As I wrote on the blog it could have been me, without glasses :-) (be it that I have short hair and I would be sitting on tip of the chair, leaning forward with eyes almost closed and a frown, to get closer and see better with my -2 myopic eyes :-)

    1. (very, of course, not veey)
      And I might take my camera to shoot this weird bird :-D

    2. If we speak about myopic eyes, it could better have been me!;-)

  2. It's a great initiative, Heleen, and I see you have received great contributions so far.

  3. T'he escrit a Erased address. :D


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