19 July 2017

Dear Friend

Dear Friend is a letter-writing project celebrating women in public life and struggles for liberation. It is based in Manchester (the UK), and this is how it works:
Write a letter to support a woman who inspired you or who made a difference in an area of equality: such as the fight against slavery; racial discrimination; or the ongoing fight for peace.
We'll digitise and transcribe it, put it on the website, and help raise the profile of whoever you think we need to celebrate. You can write anything from a postcard to a full letter, and hand-write it or type it.
How to contribute?


  1. That is a wonderful project! At first thoughts I immediately get two women in mind, but they are known mainly in my country, and I would write them in Dutch.. Thank you for sharing this information anyway; I'll see how I can contribute in English.

    1. I haven't contributed yet.


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