15 July 2017

The Mountains or the Sea?

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). This is Errigal Mountain in "the rugged and beautiful" County of Donegal. With a scratch that I thought was part of the picture, at first sight.

Mama's Beach, by Jan Kasprzycki. The real beach is on Maui's North Shore. This is another postcard that arrived thanks to the #AtoZChallenge. It arrived just two days after someone from Maui commented on the blog. It is my second postcard from Hawaii (but actually this was sent from Canada, by Rosemary).

But it is more likely that I visit the Mediterranean Sea, like on this postcard of the Costa Brava sent by Mom. Beautiful beaches near home! 


  1. The names on the map of the Costa Brava postcard bring back nice memories! Those were the family outings and school trips of my childhood...

    1. ¡Desde luego! Algún día me gustaría volver y enseñarles los lugares a mi marido y a mis hijos.


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