18 July 2017

Mooi Nederland

Stationsplein ('Station Square') in Utrecht

Het Binnenhof, in The Hague
(What is a hof?)

Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam

Postcards and matching stamps (How nice is that?) sent by Heleen


  1. Great stamps and postcards. Love the white building in Utrecht

  2. Thank you for posting, happy to see the cards arrived well and to see them back!
    Did I write that the Rijksmuseum on the stamp is not the large building but a perfect small copy in Madurodam, the miniature-Netherlands park?

    @FinnBadger: That building is rather new. I get to Utrecht every now and then (always by train), and first there was no building at all. One day I went to Utrecht and there were wooden walls (walls behind which people were building). The next time I went to Utrecht, this enormous building suddenly was there!

    1. I really love these postcards and stamps, so thanks again. I didn't know about the stamp. But... why they didn't make the stamps form the original?

      The Utrecht building phenomenon happens to us every time we land in Tangier: from the plane, we see at least a new avenue! That city is growing faster and faster...

    2. There might be an older stamp of the Rijksmuseum (maybe I've sent you that ages ago).
      However, this stamp is part of a 10 stamps sheet about Madurodam, issued for the 60th anniversary of this miniature city/park.

    3. I think you sent it some time ago :)


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