31 October 2017

British Lighthouses on Postcards

Lighthouse on the island of Scalpay, joined to the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides by a bridge. The picture was taken from the ferry between the isles of Skye and Harris.

This one is on the Scottish mainland opposite the island of Skye in the Inner Hebrides. Like almost every Scottish lighthouses, it was designed  (and most were built= by four generations of one family, including Thomas Smith, who was both the stepfather and father-in-law of Robert Stevenson.

(There is some ink on the postcard due to the unknown accidents that the envelope suffered...)

Long postcard showing the lighthouse at Neist Point, probably one of the most famous in Scotland.

Maximum card showing the lighthouse in St John's Point Lighthouse (Northern Ireland).

Lighthouse of Llanddwyn Island, a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey. Actually, as the sender wrote: "The cards shows an island (Llanddwyn) off an island (Anglesey) off an island (Britain)".

All postcards sent by John (the UK). The first and second are his own pictures. I guess I need a new label for the blog: places I want to visit.


  1. In a way the Llanddwyn Island one is a cheat because I've not been to it. I've been to Anglesey often but somehow seem to have missed that lighthouse.

    1. You need to go back, then... :)
      Thanks for all these beautiful postcards, agsin!

  2. Cheat or not, those are beautiful photos/postcards!

  3. Que tout cela est beau !!!!!!!!!!


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