24 October 2017

Fearless Cats

Heleen (the Netherlands) draw the Cowardly Lion, which happens to be one of my favourite characters of the Oz world.

Some days after, I received this envelope from Eric (France). It was inspired by a Mini Mission Inspiration, and not intended for the Oz Postcard Project. But it reminds me a lot to the Cowardly Lion... The cat on the matching stamp seems everything but coward!

And another cat on a postcard from Eric that arrived inside another envelope, that also does not seem especially fearful. It made me smile.

Owner: Want a stick?
Dog: Yeah! Yeah!
Owner: Want a rock?
Dog: Yeah! Yeah!
Owner: Want an old dirty sock?
Dog: Yeah! Yeah!
Owner: Want some road kill?
Dog: Yeah! Yeah!

Owner: Want some imported Gourmet creamed salmon?
Cat: I'll let you know


  1. Le chat d'Eric semble beaucoup plus terrifiant que le lion d'Heleen!!!!!

  2. How nice to see the lion again, thank you for posting!

    And the dogs-cats cartoon is so funny :-)

    1. I love that lion. The Cowardly Lion in general, I love him.


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