19 April 2021

All About Trees

I sent this envelope to Heleen (the Netherlands), containing a letter about trees (among other matters). It was made out of a page of a calendar, and shows an old olive tree.

This was Heleen's reply:

I cannot decide if I love more the tree stamps or Heleen's drawing...

... or the trees inside!


  1. Thank you again for your trees, outside and inside yóúr envelope!

    Concerning my envelope, I also love how PostNL’s canceling machine chose to save the trees and put the postmark on the priority sticker :-)
    And besides all trees I love the subject of my drawing: the Lorax, Dr. Seuss’ character ‘who speaks for the trees’!
    (And the snail mail snail on bottom of course :-) )

    1. Yes, I noticed that cool cancellation.
      I love that little snail, too :D


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