17 April 2022

Sunday Stamps | Spring & Easter

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Easter or Spring.

I found a spring stamp, belonging to the series of British Flowers issued in 1979;


And an Easter stamp:
Rabbit out of Hat Trick
"Slowly bring the stamp to your nose"

Actually, not. It belongs to the 2005 series Centenary of the Magic Circle. But it has a rabbit!

Both stamps, among others, arrived on this envelope sent by John (the UK):

PS While preparing this post I got another "Easter" stamp...


  1. So, I have to know... did you 'slowly bring the stamp to your nose'?
    I saw my first daffodil this morning, so was pleased to see this cheery stamp.
    John has used a lot of very interesting stamps - I particularly like that kingfisher :)

  2. I like the optical wizardry of the rabbit in the hat (a bit more cumbersome with a laptop rather than a stamp LOL). Nice that your Easter bunny arrived with perfect timing, just like magic.

    1. I am afraid it doesn't work on the screen (I've tried, too!).

    2. I like this optical stamp, too (althoud the rabbit has a bit frightening eyes :-) )

      I tried it on my phone, and although the rabbit didn't disappear into the hat, the rabbit indeed moved towards the hat, more than halfway !

  3. Great Stamps, esp. the daffodils. Mine have passed by.


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