14 March 2023


"You have to spend some energy and effort to
see the beauty of Math"

Maryam Mirzahani, 1977-2017

Pi Day is the perfect date to publish this piece of mail sent by Phillip (the USA). 

The shadowy stamp is dedicated to Women Cryptologists of World War II. You can read more about the stamp here and here. I love especially the First Day of Issue pictorial postmark. It includes a a coded message that contains the date and location of stamps issuance: October 18, 2022, Annapolis Junction, MD20701.


  1. Great postcard and stamps! There is a pizza place near my house advertising pizza slices for $3.14 on Pi day!

    1. That's a very good idea! :P

    2. I was trying to get a whole pizza on Pi Day, but all the pizzeria I like were closed!

  2. The postmark looks great, and a nice idea to show this woman of science today


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