28 March 2023

Windows and Balcony

Drawn and collaged envelope sent by Lilli (Canada). I think that, as it often happens, the picture does not do justice to the artwork. And you would never guess who live in this (my?) house...

Big Brothers / Big Sisters

A Queen

A Princess
(The similarity with the Queen is incredible!)

A couple of, err, popsicles
(Love is love)

An evening gosbeak
(on the mailbox)

Apart from a letter, it contained some postcards. Among them, this Balcony, an artwork by M. C. Escher. And, actually, the house of the postcard does remind me of my own house!


  1. Superbe enveloppe ,la créativité engendre la créativité :)

  2. It's always fun to try something different. Glad it arrived!

    1. And always fun to receive something different :D


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