24 November 2012

How Much It Cost

For mail lovers, sometimes the price of the stamps is a handicap. At least for me: I would send EVEN more snail mail if I were rich :)

When I receive mail, I am curious about the price of stamps in different countries. For instance, I have got two postcards from Russia the same day, and both have travelled exactly 38 days (Postcrossing system said). I mean they where sent more or less the same day, so the price must be also the same, mustn't it? But it seems that each sender paid a different quantity of rubles, doesn't it?


  1. Yes. It does look like different postage. And I wonder how much either is in terms of Euros or dollars...

  2. Hi, guys! I saw this blog and decided to answer your question)
    The sum is the almost the same on both cards: on the 1st one it's 25 roubles (10+10+4+1), and on the 2nd it's 25.10 roubles (13+12+0.10). You must have taken the number "50" on the stamp as a cost, but the real cost is in the left bottom corner of the stamp, inside the round stamp. 50 says that the stamp is devoted to 50 years annivesary of the Kremlin Palace.
    In fact postage in Russia costs 21.40 (regular) and 24.10 (aerial) roubles. It's about 0.70 and 0.79 US dollars respectively.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Vera, thank you very much for the explanation :)
      There are always a lot of stamps on the postcards from Russia, which I love of course! But sometimes I get confused with the numbers!
      So from Morocco is more expensive...


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