01 November 2012

The Girl in a Wetsuit

Sent by Kerry (Canada).

"The Girl in a Wetsuit" is a sculpture by Elek Imredy placed in the Stanley Park of Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada).

I have received some mermaids so far. By the way, mermaids are one of my favourite subjects on postcards, you know. I have read that this sculpture was inspired by the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. In fact it doesn't represent a mermaid, but the sender said that people usually assume that it does, so I could love the postcard. And of course I love it! It's the first time I have got an "almost-mermaid"!


  1. Oh, I saw this sculpture when I'd visited Vancouver, it brings me good memories. In fact, I remember my friend told me I was about to see a mermaid sculpute, then I was like "but this is not a mermaid", and my friend, who lives in Vancouver, told me she had never realized that the girl actually had legs...

    This post made me smile. :)

    1. So it's true, people think she is a mermaid! :)

      In fact, who knows? Maybe she is a mermaid into the water and a girl on the Earth...

      Also your comment made me smile. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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