16 November 2012


Left by Sinterklaas in Heleen's place (the Netherlands).
Two packets with big letters made of chocolate.

I received these packets last year. I was amazing that Sinterklaas left presents for us!

There is only one little thing I can not understand. He traditionally arrives in Netherlands each year in mid-November (usually on Saturday) by steamboat from Spain. So... had been not easier to left presents directly next our fireplace? Maybe was it due to the fact we had not fireplace at home? 


  1. :-)

    I think it un-understandable, too, especially when you realize that we don't have a fireplace either, we have a central heater instead, without chimney...
    By the way, today the Sint is coming to our country! I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll bring this year! (And maybe this year he has left something for you in Spain??)

    1. It could be. But I can't check it until Christmas! :(

      I' really like to know what he left next to your central heater...


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