16 May 2013

I Just Call to Say I Love You

Sent to Val Herman (France).

Altered postcard for the Phone Box International Art Exhibition:
My friends Eddy & Annette Duprey recently bought an old British telephone box and moved it -at great expense and effort- from de South of Wales to the South of France. And now this iconic traditional red phone box stands is somewhat isolated splendour in their garden. To celebrate The Box's official opening on 14 June, 2013 I'm organising a Mail Art Exhibition, as part of IUOMA's 25th Anniversary celebrations. Works received will be place on and in the phone box.
THEME: Phones, Phone Boxes, or anything to do with Telecommunications.
DATE: 14 June, 2013 (It's a small phone box... and a small exhibition!)
SIZE: Anything - but postcards preferred
TECHNIQUE:  Free. Anything goes -drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages... it's up to you (as long as they will fit in or on the Box)
VENUE: The British Telephone Box by the swimming pool, Chez Duprey, 9 Rue Jacques Prévert Emeraude, Sigean, France
DEADLINE: 10 June, 2013 
CONDITIONS: No prizes, no jury, no returns, etc.
Val Herman, 1 Rue de la Vieille Fontaine, 11130 Sigean, FRANCE 

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