09 May 2013

Mail a Tree

Are you ready for the challenge #4 of Mail a Smile? The theme of the challenge this month is Trees (which can be freely interpreted as usual). Do you want to participate? Well, here is what you do:
  • Create happy mail art, and take a picture of it for us to share. The theme for this challenge is “Trees”, which can be freely interpreted, or if you find inspiration in something completely different: GO FOR IT!
  • Send the happy mail art to Simone. His address is given to anyone who signs up to the newsletter. So, if you want to participate, sign up or send a request to info[at]mailasmile[dot]org
  • Email us the picture of your happy mail art so that we can add it to our gallery!
  • Send us your theme choice in case you will be the winner I can publish the next challenge immediately so the project can operate smoothly without a delay
  • Make sure to let us know if you want us to link back to you on any site or social media profile
You have until May 31st to make and send your mail art. More details about how it works.

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