08 May 2013

My Mail Box

Postcard received from Postmuse (the USA).

It arrived more or less at the same time as the monthly newsletter of the League of Extraordinary Penpals. It inspired me to participate in the April swap. I took a picture of the mail box (the one I send mail in). But I find the mail box that I receive the mail in too boring (too regular, too square, too grey). So I drawn it in an envelope instead of taking a picture. This is the result (sent to Kim, in the USA):


  1. So nice to see these drawn / cut works of Mail art! Both Postmuse's mailbox and yours, great works!

  2. Thanks for your comments!

  3. I love that my mailbox inspired your mailart! And it is wonderful!

    1. I was really happy to receive this postcard with your mailbox. I've seen it previously in your blog!

  4. It's a great and fun mail art idea :D - ps, sorry I think I posted a comment in Dutch before ...


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