05 September 2013

More Postcards from Philippines

Two postcards sent by Maria (Philippines). 

The first shows the lighthouse in Basco (the Batanes Islands). The sender wrote was this is the only postcard featuring a lighthouse available in her country. I can understand because it is the same in Morocco. It is really difficult to find postcards of lighthouses, or sometimes even beautiful postcards (but I am discovering new sellers...). Beside the lighthouse is a jeepney, the most popular public transportation in Philippines.

The second postcard features a water buffalo, a common farm animal there. 

The stamps are very interesting. This one shows tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), an endemic mammal to the island of Mindoro.

This is the second tamaraw I have got! 


  1. Hello Eva, I didn't realize I sent you two tamaraws already ;-) It's a pity I haven't seen them for real...

    I sent you a 'thank you' card for the Pope John Paul card you sent me. Let me know when it arrives. :)

  2. I'm happy to have more than one tamaraw. I had never heard about them before. Me too, I'd like to see tamaraws in real.

    I'll be waiting for your postcard, thank you!


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