06 September 2013


Sent by Laura (the UK).

A gorgeous postcard that fits in my album of multiples on postcards (I think). Do you know the macarons? A macaron is a confection as delicious as expensive, that makes me always think of the sender... It is difficult to find someone who loves more this sweets!

By the way, I read in the Wikipedia that the right name is macaron: "Not to be confused with MacaroonMacronMcCarron, or Macaroni". But in the back of the postcars was written Macaroons (?).

More sweet postcards:

Received from Tonina and Xisca (Sweden).

Sent by Karina (Ukraine), via Postcrossing.


  1. Your macaron is our macaroon! We use double 'o' for the confection in the picture. http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/macaroons_04669

    But we also use it for coconut macaroons which are like the ones you link to with the word macaroon. My grandmother made the most wonderful coconut macaroons in the world. Perfect pyramid shaped with a cherry on top.

    1. Thanks for the links, John!
      I'm afraid making macaroons (French macaron) is too difficult for my culinary skills!


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