21 September 2013

Planes and Airports

You know that I love postcards about planes and airports. But, for some reasons, they are not easy to find. When I had to wait in an airport (which happens often), nothing could be better than write postcards to my friends with a picture of the place. But unluckily the airports authorities do not take this important wish in account. What a pity!

Anyway, last month I was lucky enough to find two of these postcards and receive another:

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands) from the airport of Ponta Delgada (Azores Islands, Portugal). Also published in Heleen's blog.

Also sent to Heleen (the Netherlands), from Barcelona-El Prat Airport. Also published here, along with the matched stamp and another postcard of a very special plane.

And I received this from my friend Laura (Spain). It features the Bilbao Airport. I do not know if she wrote the postcard in the airport or once she arrived in home.


  1. Thank you again!
    And... such a coincidence: yesterday I've sent a card of an airport/airplane to you!... Hope it'll arrive safely.
    And my message was in a way similar: also here postcards of airplanes/airports are hard to find, only at airports :-) (however, I wrote the card at home :-)

    1. Wow, thanks!
      I'll be waiting for a new airport. One month without travelling... and I feel again like catching a plane! :)


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