29 August 2015

April in August

Stilton Postcard - Mail Adventures

Even if you do not read Geronimo Stilton Books (maybe because you are an adult)... Do not tell me that you do not like this postcard? It arrived with a delayed gift for Sant Jordi's Day. So I do not feel guilty for this post after some more weeks (months?).

I suddenly remembered that I had received this stamp some time (years?) ago:

Stilton Stamp - Mail Adventures


  1. Glad it arrived!

    The Italian stamp is great! I have received a Geronimo stamp, too, in 2010 from Ennio Pauluzzi (Elefantus, I saw a beautiful mailbox card, him posting mail, in your photo album - maybe he has sent you, too?). Sadly he passed away November 2010...

    1. Yes, Elefantus sent me that postcard through Postcrossing. I found it rather original. We exchanged few mail; I think I sent him an elephant. That seems to have occurred ages ago. Then I read he has passed away.


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