21 August 2015

Railways on Postcards

Postcard sent by Eutrapèlia (the USA). She visited the Lowell National Historical Park (in Massachusetts, USA), and enjoyed riding the old Trolley (free!).

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It shows the Groningen Central Station (big picture).

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). This one shows St. Pancras Station (in London) in 1906. On the back of thepostcard you can read: "This magnificent roof, a masterpiece of iron and glass, was designed by William Barlow. It was completed in 1868 as the London Terminus of the Midland Railway. Almost 140 years later in 2007 was skilfully restored by dedicated engineers and craftsmen and serves as the terminus for the Eurostar services to Paris and Brussels."


  1. I love the roof. It looks impressive. From time to time I browse your magnifiscent albums to see your new adquisitions (although I know they are not complete)!

    1. Al dels trens, precisament, falta una postal molt xula d'un tròlei que he rebut... avui! Acabem d'arribar a casa!

      Hi havia també una postal teua de Boston. Moltíssimes gràcies!

    2. hahahah Quan vaig veure l'entrada vaig pensar que aviat la trobaries! Encara n'hi ha una altra que ve... Bentornats!


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