15 August 2015

Cold & Hot

I received these postcards from Bryon (the USA) almost the same week. The sender wrote that he "the luckiest person in the world" because he can travel so often to so incredible places. I agree. And also I am lucky to receive his postcards!

With more than twenty, Prince William Sound
 is home to Alaska's largest concentration of
calving tidewater glaciers.

Midway Geyser Basin is seen here from the air.
Grand Prismatic Spring, in the center, has the distinction of
being the earliest described Yellowstone thermal feature. I
t is the largest hot spring in the park with a diameter of 370 feet.


  1. Jo volia aprofitar aquests dos anys aquí per anar a Yellowstone, encara que em caigui lluny, però això era quan havia de venir J. Ara segurament m'esperaré :O

    1. Jo crec que gairebé et cau més prop de Catalunya!
      Nosaltres vam estar a punt d'anar-hi l'any passat, i al final va guanyar Grècia.


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