09 November 2015


This postcard was sent by Claudia (Germany) on behalf of Laura.

I read often Laura's blog. One day I saw that she has received this cool stamp of Obelix, and I just commented that I love it. Now I recall that I also said it here... I really didn't expect to receive it, but sometimes snail mail brings big surprises. This beautiful postcard and stamps arrived as a RAS. I immediately found out that RAS stands for 'Random Act of Smileness'. That is a nice idea I had never heard before.

Actually, not random, but all the snail mail is an act of smileness, isn't it?

The postcard had a tough trip...


  1. I didn't hear of RAS before either, but I did hear of RAK, random act of kindness :-)
    And I totally agree with you, snail mail in itself is an act of smileness and kindness :-)

    Pity for the damage of the card, but fortunately the petit Gaul survived!
    I love these Asterix and Obelix stamps. And I was lucky: I tried to buy the complete Asterix stamp sheet via the Deutsche Post, German Mail, website but I didn't succeed. Then on marktplaats.nl, the Dutch ebay, someone offered this sheet for a reasonable price, and I got one! Although receiving via the real mail, stamps used as postage, is of course the best way. I hope you will receive the other stamps from this serie also!

  2. On hi diu RAS, al matasegells?

    1. Seria bonic, però crec que els RAS no existeixen oficialment:)
      Ho va escriure la remitent. Jo no n'havia sentit a parlar.


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