17 November 2015

What Is Better Than a Pink Little Letter?

Two, of course!

Sent by Laura (the UK).

Received from Japan.


  1. daily_m@dailyatlas18 November, 2015

    We don't write on the back, but I often see other country's people write also on the back . It's really interesting:D

    1. Usually I write on the back. I suppose it's a question of using all the paper (and, if you send a long letter just written on one side, it would be expensive). do you mind if I write on the back?

    2. daily_m@dailyatlas19 November, 2015

      you're right, writing also on the back will less cost postage.it's just culture difference, I guess:) and I don't mind at all if you write on the back:D


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