13 May 2016

David de Kabouter

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). I drew the gnome on the envelope; the postcard was bought.

David el Gnomo is a Spanish animated TV series, very famous in the eighties. David and his family were among my favourite characters on books, too. (Gnomes, Smurfs... I was very fond of little beings!)

I was shocked when I discovered that David was actually Dutch! The books were written by the Dutch author Wil Huygen and illustrator Rien Poortvliet (though they claimed that they were written by a Gnome called David).

(By the way, the little letter carrier that I drew is not David, but his chubby cousin!)


  1. This is a bit like my surprise when I found out that the Magic Roundabout was originally French, and not English. My childhood was built on deception!

  2. And I was surprised that there has been a movie of David de Kabouter (= the Gnome)!.. I knew the illustrations and have seen some books but I totally have missed the tv series!..

    1. Thank you for this wonderful mail & mail carrier, Eva!!

    2. I don't know the film, but the animated series was a big success in the 80s, sure! Now my nieces read my books about David and the life of gnomes.


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