31 May 2016

A Heavier Aerogram

This post brought me some snail mail that I published in this post that brought me the aerogram you see above, sent by FinnBadger (the USA).

This aerogram was issued by USPS in 1995, and the illustrations are really beautiful in person. After a disastrous attempt, the sender decided to insert a thick piece of paper to give the letter some thickness. Ironically, the aerograms were designed to be lighter than the normal letters.


  1. I always add paper inside air-o-grams too -- because now the postage is the same rate and they are no longer a lower rate. It does feel a little sneaky. Did you ever get my mail to you, Eva?

    1. But it is nice that you are still allowed to use these old aerograms.

      I'm sorry to say that your letter never arrived here.


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