28 May 2016

Lake Louise

I received this stunning landscape from Bryon (Canada). I wish I could be there this weekend!

This information about the picture was written on the back:
Lake Louise is named after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta(1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, and the wife of Marquess of Lorne, who was the Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. The unique emerald colour of the water comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water rom the glaciers that overlook the water (Lefroy glacier).


  1. I have actually visited this part of Canada over 20 years ago - the color of the lakes is like no blue I have ever seen before, really remarkable. Reminded me of the color of copper sulphate.

    1. I believe it must be a wonderful place.

    2. It is! I was there last October. It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!

    3. Has everyone been there? I'd like too! :)


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