08 July 2016

Four Islands, Six Postcards

Last summer, I spent a month on the Cyclades (Greece). I visited four islands, and from each one I wrote to Anna. Do you remember her project about islands: Every island in the world? Honestly, I thought I had sent four postcards to her. But it seems that I had more things to share!

It has been a pleasure, after some months, to read what she has written about the postcards I sent, and the islands I was to. Anna's posts have reminded me some nice details. I almost felt the breeze while reading, and the smell of the Mediterranean again...

In the following links you can find the postcards:
But, if you have some spare time, I recommend you to have a look to the whole blog. I am sure that the wanderlust will catch you. You will feel like travelling, preferably to an island in the world. Don't forget to send a postcard to Anna, if you do!


  1. Great blog link, and great island contributions.

    1. I hope I'll contribute again this summer, but I'm afraid that just with one island.


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