16 July 2016

Mail-Related Postcards

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). Special for air mail?

This is the General Post Office (G.P.O.), the Jim Larkin statue and the Spire, in O'Connel Street, Dublin City, Ireland. Laura posted this postcard at GPO during a short trip to this city. 

By the way, have you seen the series Inside the GPO?

Sent by Laura (the UK). It is one of the designs issued by Royal Mail to commemorate its 500th anniversary. The postcard is a reproduction from a stamp designed by Atelier Works,featuring a photograph of Medway Mail Centre. I received also one of the stamps:


  1. I guess not only for airmail, but for all kibds of snail mail / pigeon post :-)

    I love that mail centre stamp, so good to see part of the postal proces on a stamp!

    1. Maybe all the bird mail, in general :)

      I'd like to visit one of these postal centres; that would be fascinating!

    2. Oh yes, it would be such an excellent trip for mail lovers (including us)! As we are not the only mail lovers, I wonder: aren't there guided tours or so, in postal centres, anywhere in the world?

    3. I'm sure there are! I just need to find out where... :)


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