09 July 2016

Giacometti Stamp

This is one of my favourite stamps issued by Poste Maroc (And I am not alone!). It was issued on 27 April 2016, devoted to an exhibition about the Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti, in the Museum Mohammed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art, in Rabat. I guess they included the map of Africa because it is the first time that these works are exhibited in the continent.

I had the chance to visit the exhibition. I enjoyed it, and I was surprised to discover that the artist used whatever paper he can found to make his sketches. Even the envelopes he got by snail mail...

I have not received the stamp myself, but I sent it ten times (not more stamps available in the post office!). I have stolen from Heleen's blog the picture for this post.


  1. Thanks again, Eva!!

    And great to see the drawings on the envelopes! Makes me wonder - a semantic question - whether art, created on already received envelopes, is mail art or not :-)

  2. Cool drawing and wonderful stamp. Love the sculptures of Giacometti

  3. Gorgeous stamp, and those envelope drawings are fascinating.

    1. It was a good surprise to discover this in the exhibition.


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