19 July 2016

Beer Postcards

Postcards about beer are not the most usual. So I was happy when Heleen (the Netherlands) sent me this illustration by Quint Buchholz (a new favourite!): Flöser. It is an illustration for the boon Gregor- Wohin die Träume tragen.

And that John (the UK) sent this one with an old ad. I wonder if that slogan would work nowadays...

What about this one: Entrez dans légende? (='Enter on the legend'?). I do not think you could call this beer legendary, but sometimes is the only brand available where I live.

This postcard is handmade (from the cardboard packaging). It was sent to Postmuse (the USA). I hope it arrived. Her blog has not been updated in a while...


  1. I love that penguin - it looks so worried about the mean approaching on the raft.

    1. It's a great illustration. I thik it belongs to a book. I feel curious about the story...


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