13 August 2016

Greetings From

This was sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). These Greetings from postcards from Postallove have become quite popular among postcrossers.

I am not in love with this collection. But, in general, these are nice designs, don't you think so?
(And especially if they feature windmills...!)

Here and there I have read complains about the facts on the postcards. I guess everybody loves the designs for other countries but has a lot to say about the choices for their own country. For instance, I disliked the former design for Spain, luckily not in sale any more. This is the (new?) one, that I have received from the same sender:

It was sent from Spain, with one of the most original (in my opinion) stamps issued by Correos. It promotes an important value: creativity!

By the way, I found also very original the way that they cancelled the postcard:


  1. Thank you for posting! The 'creatividad' stamp was very much inviting but finally I left it blank, as I was not sure if I could draw on this 'creatividad' stamp (in my youth people / kids sometimes drew moustaches on our former queen's portrait on stamps and this mail always arrived).

    Concerning the former 'Spain' GF card also people from the outside of Spain were not happy with the choice (while I think the choice about my own country okay). Speaking for myself, I hated it, to see such an injust and cruel theme (as bullfights definitely are) on a postcard of a country which has so many other, real beautiful, things in it. The choice of the creations of the great architect Gaudi is much better.
    For that reason I hated one of the Dutch postcrossing stamps of the first Dutch PC stamp sheet, too and I was surprised (and angry) at that time, wondering why the designers hadn't made an other choice.

    1. Definitely, it wasn't a good idea :(

      I don't know if the idea of the designers was the senders to complete the stamp. But I think it would be ok as far as they can see the stamp.

  2. I think the Dutch design is lovely, although, as an independentist, I don't like to see Catalan culture marked as Spanish, as you know.

    I was thrilled to read Heleen's comment about drawing a moustache on the queen's portrait! This stamp is certainly inviting. I wonder what would happen if you sticked the king's portrait/stamp upside down, for instance, in Spain. Is it allowed?

    1. So you have a work to be done... :)

      Drawing a moustache or sticking theking's portrait uside down: I don't know if it is exactly allowed, but I assure you the letters arrive anyway. However, I don't dare to do that in Morocco.


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