04 August 2016

Mail Is a Treasure...

... sometimes, in the full sense of word!

Of the 132 Spanish ships that set out in 1588 to invade England, over 20 of them were wrecked off the North and West coasts of Ireland. The Ulster Museum owns the excavated remains of three of these ships. On the postcard above you can see silver coins and some pieces of jewellery, like that salamander of gold set with rubies, found in the galleass La Girona which was wrecked at Lacada Point, near the Giant's Causeway.

The second treasure arrived by mail is more ancient: the magnificent Hunterston Brooch. Usually it brooch is on display in the Early People gallery, National Museum of Scotland. But my friend saw it in the Celts exhibition).

Both postcards were sent by Laura (the UK).

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