28 November 2016

By Pigeon

Envelope drawn by Heleen (the Netherlands), that this gentle pigeon brought smoothly to my mailbox.

Europa Stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/enterprises under the aegis of PostEurop. Since 1993, there is a common theme. In 2016, the theme was Ecology in Europe: Think Green. But in order to celebrate Europa stamps 60th anniversary (1956-2016), all the countries issued the same design.

Despite of all these countries participating in 2016, I had received only the Italian. So I was happy to get another one!


  1. Happy to see the pigeon delivered my mail well at your place :-)

    I like these Europe stamps; they have the same design, however they still are slightly different from each other!

    1. The pigeon revealed a very good mail carrier!


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