03 November 2016

Make It Merry

MakeItMerry, a non-profit organization, is about spreading the joy of Christmas to every homeless person. How did it start?
When Barb visited a local homeless shelter in November of 2015, she wondered when the last time would have been that any of the clients of the shelter had received a Christmas card. Being someone who loves sending and receiving cards she knows first-hand how meaningful receiving a card can be. This simple act of receiving a Christmas card means someone remembered you, that you are cared for, and that you are not invisible.

Motivated by her faith, Barb decided to see if anyone else would join her in sending Christmas cards to the homeless. Partnering with the Calgary Drop In Centre, the initial goal was to collect 80 cards. It soon became clear that 80 was a drop in the merry bucket as over 1200 cards came in from all across Canada, UK and the USA in a little over three weeks.

Everyone deserves some merry in their Christmas. In fact, those who have no roof over their heads, who struggle for the basics of life, are more deserving than most. Will you join us in sending a bit of merry this Christmas? It is as simple as sending a Christmas card.
You can get involved, too. Do you feel like sending an extra Christmas/season cart thisyear?


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    1. Je le trouve aussi une belle idée. J'ai participé a des initiatives semblables dans mon pays, mais pas avec des lettres/cartes postales.


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