09 November 2016

You -Ism Onward

Dada postcards sent by Keith aka Amalgamated Confusion (the USA) continue arriving in my mailbox...

Due to non-adapted/not-updated word processors, it isn't the first time that I receive a piece of mail with the name of the country written like that, from left to right. So an Arabic reader would read something like Occorom or Birgamla, instead of Morocco/Al-Magrib. Properly, an Arabic reader would consider it gibberish, because most letters in Arabic should be written joined together.

I found this particularly Dada.

Reality Is Ƨubjective


  1. What fascinating mail you get!

    1. Thanks! But... Wait! Do you mean that the mail I send is not fascinating? :DDD

  2. A fascinating card! Thanks, Eva, for sharing!


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