27 March 2017

The Letter Eater

Letter sent by Phillip (the USA). 

So I am glad that the Post Monster, who try to eat the letter during its travel, started to bit the opposite corner...


  1. I am glad that it started in that corner, too. And glad that one little nibble was enough! It is like a mouse ate it... I have been reading some stories that the sorting machines are getting more aggressive, with some envelopes being sliced open along an edge. I wonder why this commercial envelope was the victim??

    1. At least, it only bit the envelope. The letters was intact!

    2. It must be a very respectful Letter Eater. "Just a nibble."

    3. You know... it is a matter of balance. If it eats the whole letters, we will stop sending mail, therefore it would starve. The monster is smarter than most people think.

  2. LOL. A little nibble never hurts if it appeases the monster.


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