25 May 2017

Books on Stamps

On the back of these five postcards, Heleen stuck the complete sheet of ten stamps issued by Dutch PostNL to mark that 2016 was the Year of the Book. On this Heleen's post you can see the stamps before.


  1. Such a nice way to receive the whole sheet. Seems like the perfect mail for you - postcards and books combined.

    1. This is a very interesting set, that came on the back of reading people postcards. I can recognise the books since Heleen included the selvage, but I should confess that I have only read one of them (so far?).

    2. Happy to see all arrived well!

      I guess you won't read all books after all, somevare very old and prpbably in Dutch only.
      I must confess I only read two of them - decades ago - and I've admired the illustrations of the third one. :-)

    3. I'd like to have this stamp with my country's "important" books!


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