24 May 2017

(Sort of) Italian Mail

Postcard sent by Micu from Verona, Italy. It took three months and two days to arrive!

Envelope made and sent by Phillip (the USA).

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It shows the railway station and a cinema... And a bit of Italy, too!


  1. That is a funny combination of the theme!
    Glad that Micu's card arrived, even after so much time!

    And... Thank you for your cards!!! The 15th century winged musician I received yesterday :-)

    1. I'm sure you didn't expect to see this postcard under the title "Italian Mail", didn't you? :)
      Oh, and also the postcards form Doetinchem arrived... All four the same day. Thank you very much!

      Mail from Italy is slower than I thought. Micu and I almost lost hope in the arriving of the postcard from Verona! And the postcards I sent are arriving now, after almost three weeks... :|

      Have you received the two postcards I sent from Italy?

  2. Yes, the Vatican, and, as said above, the angel playing a string instrument. Yesterday, so in less than 3 weeks (19 days) :-) Thank you very much! The latter is an amazing painting, painted more than a half millenium ago!

    1. Youpi!
      That painting was amazing in person (there were four angels, I think). Even if I saw it after sooooo many amazing paintings/pieces of art. I'm happy that you like it.

  3. Great way to thread all this mail together.


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