18 September 2017

Beautiful Windmills (and Watermills)

Windmills from the UK::

Letter sent by Alan. Carefully chosen stamps... almost ruined by the postal service!

Bembridge Windmill, c. 1700.
The sole remaining windmill on the Isle of Wright,
containing much of the original wooden machinery.
Postcard sent by John. Why can they cancel the stamps like these?

And more of the same wonderful set on letters from Laura... Along with one of those cancellations (Brrr!):

Windmills from the Netherlands (sent by Heleen):

Holland op z'n mooist
Charlotte Dematons

Two favourite themes on the following postcard, bridges and windmills. And an interesting postmark on the front side!

Leiden's West Gate, the Morspoort (17th century)

And a lot of Holland on a shaped postcard, with a beautiful matching stamp (and a perfect cancellation!).


  1. Great collection! I love windmills, but apparently watermills, too.The Staffordshire watermill is a beautiful one! (pity of the 'postmark' :-/ )

    The stamp in front of the Leiden card says 'frankering gecontroleerd', which means that Dutch PostNL has checked if there was sufficient postage. Usually they stamp this on the same side as the postage stamps, I don't know why they chose to decorate the other side :-)
    And I don't remember which stamp(s) I sticked on the back side, so I cannot check if their check was a correct one :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I added the postcard from Leiden in the last minute, when I realised there is a windmill too.

      You put this stamp, and one with a seagull from 2003, with the value of 59 cents.

    2. Ah, then I understand: the postal machines had to count :-) They are used to 'forever stamps' now, but this time some real person had to check if the total amount was sufficient for international postage (1.33 at the moment) :-)

    3. I thought the machines were built to... count! ;D

  2. J'adore toute cette série de moulins à vent et à eau !

    1. Il sont vraiment très jolis. J'adore ce thème.


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