01 September 2017

I Am a Donkey

And, of course, when you send this to a child, you take the risk of receiving an illustrated postcard as a reply. I am supposed to be that donkey (long family story...).


  1. Great illustrations of two of my favourite animals: the Snail Mail Snail and the Donkey!
    In my childhood I even collected small Donkey puppets! (does that mean that if there had been a 7 cms tall 3D print of you, that I would have to add this/you to my collection in those days? :-) )

    Curious to know that family story, and also curious to see what matching illustration you will draw for the sender :-)

    1. I didn't know you loved monkeys to that extent. So I think I have still one monkey (postcard, no puppet) to be sent to you around here...

      The family story is about the nicknames that families in the village used to have before the village itself became too big. One of my grandpas family were the "little he-donkeys" (there were different families: the "donkeys", the "she-donkeys", the little she-donkeys"...). I have a friend who made a study about this matter, but of her own village.

    2. You wrote monkey (mono) but I hope you meant Donkey (burro/burra :-) )!
      As a child I thought monkeys frightening and still I prefer other animals to monkeys. Especially Donkeys! (and platypus and mail pigeons and snail mail snails and and :-) )

      How funny, those nicknames :-)
      I don't know if Donkey in Catalan is the same as in Spanish, but I must confess that sometimes we eat 'little he-donkeys'... (Mexican dish, with no Donkey meat of course)


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