02 September 2017

Send Your Sun

Philippe Charron is an amazing mail artist. You can see some works he has sent to me for instance here, here, here, here...); and also find them on Eric's blog, on Phillip's blog...

Now he is launching a mail art call and I am glad to publish it to encourage you to participate. Here are the details:

Theme: Send me your sun, and you will receive mine.
Size and techniques are free.
No deadline.

Send your contribution to :

Philippe Charron
5 Impasse de la pierrière
17220 Bourgneuf

Don't hesitate to spread the news so that Philippe receives lots of sunshine!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you send in.

    1. I have already the idea in my head, of a painted envelope. But still I hadn't the time of painting it. I hope I'll do in the next weeks!


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