13 December 2019

Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers

'Who is sweet gets sweets'... And Sinterklaas surely thought we are, because some sweet goodies landed at our place!

That is a curious thing, because Sinterklaas is supposed to go from Spain to the Netherlands... But he left gifts for us at Heleen's place, and then she had to send someone sent the chocolate and everything back to Spain. But I'm not going to question the way Sinterklaas delivers the gifts, of course!

The Sinterklaas presents arrived inside an envelope showing several houses: houses of chocolate, a church and a former train station that is now a house and a restaurant. Houses in the Mail!


  1. How great that the Sint brought you presents! (I am not aware if having sent something by myself, it must have been Sint and/or Piet!)

  2. A sweet piece if mail all around.

    1. There is only half of the chocolate left. But it contained also non-edible items that will last a bit more :)


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