15 October 2020

Lettres d'Alice

Lettres d'Alice is a project that combines mail, literature and voyages. 

It is a subscription service: once a month, the subscribers get an illustrated letter which narrates an adventure of a curious young traveller, named Alice. Plus, a little souvenir: a postcard, a recipe, etc. The letters are written in French, and you can also offer them as a gift. 

The beginning of the project was a bit troubled, because it started at the same time as the pandemic. The first letter was due to arrive in March, but finally I get it in June. 

Then, I got the same letter again (?!). Plus, it was about Morocco. I confess I would have preferred a more exotic place to me!

But, overall, it works well and the letters are interesting. A nice surprise in the mailbox each month!

Have you tried other subscriptions like this? Would you?


  1. Tu es abonnée depuis longtemps ?

    1. Depuis février. Mais je n'ai reçu la première lettre qu'en Juin.


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