17 November 2020

Bugs Bunny Stamps

The Bugs Bunny stamps were issued by the USPS on July 2020. The 20-stamps sheet include 10 different designs, featuring 80-years-old Bugs Bunny in 10 classic costumes: as a barber, a baseball player, a soldier, a mermaid, etc.

I find the stamps funny and cheerful. Traditional stamps collectors, however, are no fans of this issue, or so I have read. For instance, here.

A case can be made that one Bugs Bunny stamp was enough. The 1997 32¢ stamp (Scott 3137) shown here filled that bill nicely, especially so because of the varieties that make the issue interesting.

And yet, July 27 of this year saw the release of not one but 10 new Bugs Bunny stamps.

While I don’t want to be in the running for curmudgeon of the year, 10 new Bugs Bunny stamps seem excessive to me. But this is a case of the United States Postal Service trying to tempt people into becoming stamp collectors, or at least trying to get the Bugs lovers to invest in a pane or two to keep as a collectable and never use as postage.

What do you think?


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