29 November 2020

Sunday Stamps | Castles

Towers / castles / fortresses is today's theme in Sunday Stamps. I found some I wouldn't mind to pay a visit to!

Manzanares el Real (Spain)

I made some mail art with this one...

Dunvegan Castle (Scotland)

The postcard with this non-Royal-Mail stamp took ages to arrive!

Castell Caernarfon (Wales), 1978

Eagle Tower and Queen Eleanor's Gate
Castell Caernarfon (Wales)
Stamps from 1969

Nice to have several stamps featuring the same place!

Vajdahunyad Castle (Hungary)

Henkenshage (the Netherlands)

According to Wikipedia, not a real castle but a manor house.

The first stamp on this post was the Spanish contribution to the EUROPA stamps contest in 2017. And the stamp below was Finland's stamp (and one of my favourites!). You can see all the EUROPA 2017 castles here.


  1. The Hungarian castle looks very interesting. The Finnish one looks a little ... suspect, but also interesting in its own way!

  2. Love how you have chosen castles that stand by water and one made of frozen water.

    1. I think it was an interesting entry for the contest. I might have voted this stamp.

  3. A fine selection of castles including that from Wales in 1978 - I had not seen that before.

    1. I got that stamp on a letter. It's a beautiful one, isn't it?


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