25 November 2020

Newnormal vs. Oldnormal

On the Newnormal side...

Greetings from Self-Isolation
Postcard sent by Bryon (the USA)

Personnel soignant, merci Thanks, healthcare workers
Bilingual postmark from Canada

Protect your loved ones.
Download your nation's contact tracing app.

Postmark from the UK

From the Oldnormal: postcard (also sent by Bryon) featuring the first Starbucks coffehouse store, established in 1971 in Seattle (Washington, the USA).

And... What about this one sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)? I know the picture was taken on Oldnormal times. But people in the terrace seem to be social distancing anyway...


  1. Love the self isolation greetings one! Any info on the back as to who created it?

  2. I haven't had any 'new normal' postcards, and I like them.
    As for the Dutch one, it's nice that they keep their distance - it's so annoying when someone sits beside you when there are all those empty tables ;)

    also, I was sidetracked by that beautiful elephant moth!

    1. I've had a couple of them. This and these are favourites.

      The month stamps are great, aren't they?

  3. I think I prefer the old normal!

    1. I agree. But, regarding to postcards, I like to get the "new normal" too. At least, they make me smile! :)


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