27 January 2021

Beloved Places

Salamanca. Plaza Mayor

It is always a pleasure to receive postcards featuring places I have been to, and loved.

Lluc, Mallorca island

Paris, France

Getting a Paris postcard from the Netherlands, a Greece postcard from Ukraine... That adds to the mail adventure!

Ρέθυμνο (Rethymno), Κρήτη (Crete)

Postcards sent by Lluïsa (PC), Heleen (Netherlands), Lie (Spain) and Larysa (Ukraine). 


  1. Living in Europe, you are very lucky to be able to visit completely different countries with their different cultures and languages, without having to travel too far.

    1. It was more difficult when I lived in Africa, certainly.

      But, in covid times, the majority of Europeans haven't travelled in the last year :|


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